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My Favorite Summer Fashions!

Look Expensive Without Breaking the Bank I get asked alot about my clothing. The truth is, what I wear looks very flattering and expensive, but I only buy my clothing on clearance sales at department stores or on Amazon. My clothing lasts for years and years, so I have built up quite the fun wardrobe!… Continue reading My Favorite Summer Fashions!

Who Wants Glowing Skin?

I get comments all the time from people-including estheticians, dermatologists, make up artists, photographers, models, etc., that my skin looks like “glass”, and they ask me all the time what my secret is. Now I have another post on here that goes through all the details of my skincare routine and products, but for those… Continue reading Who Wants Glowing Skin?

My promise to my readers

Anything that I put on my blog is from my own experience and I’m coming from a place in my heart to genuinely help you be the best person you can be!

If you know me in real life, you know that I am someone who likes to bring joy to others. I see the ripple effect…when you’re happier, you bring that positive feeling to others, and it keeps going and going. I want this blog to do that for you.

I will never run ads

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. You pay no more when you click and purchase from those links and I earn a small fraction of your purchases to pay for this blog. Every item I share is something that I found on my own, and I am never solicited to share those with you. I aim to keep this blog ad free so everyone can benefit from this information without having those pesky pop up commercials.