Wigs Wigs Wigs!

Let me show you the wigs I use and how I customize them

What kind of wigs do you use?

For the sake of saving money, I only use synthetic wigs. Human hair wigs that meet my desire for length and volume cost thousands of dollars. The ones I use cost under $100. I do alot to customize them to make them look real. I get so many compliments on my “hair” from strangers. Just this morning, while I was working out, an acquaintance of mine asked me mid workout, did I get extensions! Mind you I was sweating and doing some intense exercises and my wig still was looking on point! How do I manage to pull this off with “cheap” amazon wigs? Well I’m here to show you. On a side note, if this seems like too much work for you I am now starting to sell wigs to the public. If there is a wig you want, send me an email with a photo of what you want and I will make it for you. I charge between $100-$150 for this service.

I purchase all of my wigs from Amazon. The reason being that I have ordered from other websites and didn’t get what I wanted and of course was stuck with it. I used to try to shop locally at wig stores but it was just such a hassle and most times I came out empty handed. I really like that with amazon, if I didn’t like the wig, then as long as I didn’t customize it then I could send it back and get my money back.

As you an see, all photos were taken at the beach. My wigs have been subjected to sun, sand, swimming in the ocean, and pools. All of them are several years old and have withstood the elements that I have subjected them to. All of the wigs that I recommend are well made but they still need to be customized by you. I have added a headband inside all of them so that way I no longer need to use glue to lay the lace down flat against my head.

Bubble Gum Pink

I love this pink wig!!!! I colored the ends with synthetic Rit dye to give it a darker pink at the bottom. I get compliments all the time on it and people think it’s my real hair!!!!! Here is the link:


Bright Ariel/Poison Ivy/Mera Red

I love this red wig. I even used a bit of brown synthetic dye to give it a little bit of brownish roots to make it more realistic. In these photos I’ve given it little waves like a perm and did small braids on the sides. I’ve owned this wig for three years, have swam in it, and as you can see I’ve been working out in it. It lasts a very long time and is amazing value for your money! Here is the link


Blonde with Ombre Roots

They have sold out of both this wig and my other wig that can be parted anyway that you like. I have searched far and wide for a replacement, and this wig is from the same maker and is close. You can color it just as I have colored mine or leave it as it is. Darker roots make the wigs look more realistic in my opinion. This wig comes with grey, blonde, and burgundy. I would personally choose the grey one if I were to color it, if that’s what you are considering. It has a part already in it, just as the one I am wearing in this photo has, but just move the wig over your head to move the part and you can have it be in the middle or any side. Here is the link:


I am in love with this wig!

I just found another wig that is ombre blonde with dark roots. The front of it has a little bit of lace which gives it a more realistic look than wigs that have no lace front. The way it came was absolutely stunning and with a little plucking it could pass for being real. I dyed it to make it look like Evie, curled it, then dyed white extensions, braided them with some beads, and pinned them in to give it the ultimate Evie look. If you want to just wear this wig by itself it will look stunning, but also if you want to use Rit synthetic Dye and change the color, this wig works remarkably well! Here is the link:


Super Long Barbie Hair or Ava Max Wig

This wig is super long, is a golden blonde, lace front, and is gorgeous. It’s about $43 right now and so worth it! Here is the link:


What about extensions?

I’ve got you covered too! I used to get these expensive human hair extensions, but they had nothing on these that I’ve been wearing for over 5 years! Once they get old I just get a new pair and use the older ones for when I go swimming. They are only $10! You can even get ombre, which I have started doing as well because the ends of my real hair are lighter than my roots. It’s always been a perfect match for me. Here is the link:


How to Customize Your Wigs to Look Realistic

Adding Roots Makes Every Wig Look More Realistic

I have been experimenting for awhile to create my own realistic roots using different methods. The best method I have tried that has proven to be waterproof, smell proof, the most effective and easiest to use, is using Copic Markers. Here is the link:


Here is a brief video showing you how I use it.

See how easy that was? Sure it takes time if you want to do it all around the wig, but I just sit down and watch a show and get it done that way. Remember to have rubbing alcohol handy. If you rub the marker side to side with a cotton pad with alcohol on it, then it will erase the marker. If you rub it slightly up and down then it will blend the color making it fade towards the ends, giving it a more realistic look.

How do you care for your wigs?

My wigs get extra wear because I swim in them all the time-and they still look flawless!

First, I wash my wigs every so often (depending on use) by placing them in a bowl of warm water and 1/4 cup of fabric softener. Sometimes I wash them with shampoo before hand or I add a tablespoon of baking soda to the fabric softener and water, or for my wigs that I used heavily in aquariums or the ocean, I soak them in white vinegar first. I have forgotten my wigs and have left them to soak for a few days before with no negative after effects. Either way, I just throw them in and let them soak while I sleep. When I remove them from the water I give them a light cold water rinse, then hang them up on my shower head to drip dry. Once they are dry, then I go to work on them.

Here is a video of me taking my blue wig that was a mess from all the fun, sand, ocean, and sun at the beach, and making her gorgeous again.

How do you keep your wigs on?

My cousin filmed this at our latest family reunion.

People ask me this all the time once they know I am wearing wigs. As you can see in this video, my wig doesn’t move at all-even with me swinging in the air and plummeting into the water.

If you know me, I wear my wigs to work out in everyday. I swim in them, I play in them, ride water park slides in them, and I can hang upside down on the gym with my kids and you would not know they are wigs because they never come off! I don’t use glue and it just takes me a few minutes to put them on.

Here I am swimming with my little cousins, my wig still intact after I tried the rope swing

How do I do this?

I sew a headband inside the wig and extra clips on the back of the wig. That’s literally it. Stay tuned as I will be making a video to show you how.

Until then, here is a video showing the basics of how to do it:

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