How to have long lashes

You don’t have to spend a fortune to grow long lashes. I found the best way to grow them that will cost you less than $10 a month!!!!

Don’t worry! I wasn’t driving yet but I noticed my lashes and thought I’d take a photo for this post I’ve been meaning to write. I’m using no eye liner, just Mascara, and I have never had a lash lift or tint.

Latisse is FDA approved for growing lashes and it works! To make a lot of money the company gives you these terrible cheap brushes to use to get the drops on your lashes.

These brushes have been a way to waste the product to get you to buy more and I’ve known women who had the discoloration occur because of these brushes. I’ve discovered that if you use a super tiny brush, then it can stretch out the Latisse, making my bottles last between 10-12 months with mostly daily use.

Here is my brush on top of the ones that comes with the Latisse. See how bulky they are?

I squeeze out half a drop for each eye before bedtime. You just paint the top of your lashes where they meet your eyelid and that’s it!

Latisse can diminish the healthy fat on your lower lid so you only need to swipe it at the top. I also squeeze another half drop for my right eyebrow so it can match the left one better.

I actually have another tip to make this more inexpensive for you. If you ever go on vacation to Mexico, you can buy Latisse at the airport upon your return at the convenience store in the terminal, past the duty free section. If you are arriving by cruise ship, you can buy it at a big store just off the port called “Drugs and Deli”. It costs just $45 this way and I suggest buying two bottles if you can! If you do this you can also buy Retin A there too for a minimal price.

To further keep my lashes long and healthy I use Argan oil on them in the mornings. It keeps them healthy and makes my eye makeup look better so it’s a win win. Here is the link:

Protect Your Lashes While You Sleep

I started to notice little lashes on my pillow cases in the mornings. I tried getting eye masks but they just ended up moving too much and didn’t help the problem at all. I can’t help that sometimes I toss and turn during the nights and I know that when I do that, my eyelashes can get ripped out of my eyes. So I found the best sleeping mask to protect your eyes! Here is the link:

Why is this mask so amazing? Because it has padding around your eyes, keeping them safely tucked inside while you sleep. I also found that this padding helps to keep those weird wrinkles that used to form just under my eyes, so it’s a win win! It also blocks out the light like no other and after a year of use my mask is still going strong! Just toss it in with your laundry every week and you will be great!

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