Mom Tips

Being a mom is tough. While I don’t claim to be an expert on parenting, I do have some tips that my friends have enjoyed and have encouraged me to share with others, so here they are.

Wipes for Messy Faces and Diaper Changes

My son with chocolate gelato on his face, shirt, hands, and legs.

When it comes to wiping up messes, disposable wipes just don’t do it for me. I keep having to grab so many of them to clean up every mess and it ends up in the trash, adding to unnecessary waste that I later feel guilty about. Not only that but have you used a wipe or two on a baby that’s crying and squirming around to realize that you need MORE wipes and even though it’s not far from you, it might as well be in the dang Sahara because grabbing it means you’ll lose what little control you have, and the poop will now be on everything? Hopefully I’m not the only one here.

I started to discover that traditional disposable wipes have chemicals that eventually give my kids rashes. I remember after I gave birth to my daughter, I used a disposable wipe to use on my own private regions, thinking it would be better than normal toilet paper, but it had a sting to it which truly caught me off guard. I thought, if it irritates me, then how would it irritate my newborn baby? Could this be the true culprit of her discomfort? My poor baby was so red down there and I was dousing her in diaper ointment that was merely acting as a band aid until we had to wipe again.

I started researching then and there and came up with my own solution that is effective, money saving, environmentally friendly, and better for my children’s skin.

I was initially inspired by the Norwex line and after very thorough discussions with my sister in law who is a veterinarian and a genius when it comes to science, she educated me that microfiber in itself without the silver will effectively trap the bacteria and viruses as well as the dirt. So I bought these microfiber cloths after researching for the best ones on Amazon.

Once I paired these with a diaper warmer, my baby no longer had those rashes. She no longer thrashed around on that diaper changing table. We were both so grateful and this momma finally got some solid rest!

They are gentle and highly effective at getting all the mess cleaned up, whether it’s a dirty diaper, runny nose, hands covered in paint, or a face covered in chocolate. Mine have been going strong after six years and I use them for cleaning around the house as well as for baths and makeup removal.

Here is the link for the exact cloths that I use:

When you get these cloths, cut them up into four pieces per cloth. Next, run water over them to get them saturated. Then, place them in your wipe warmer. Here is a link to the one I use:

Finally, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. I like to use lavender because of its antiseptic qualities and calming scent.

These wipes are easy to refill and we keep a separate drawer for the clean ones and a little hamper downstairs to put our used wash cloths in. Once there are enough in there we run them with towels or other laundry. To keep them soft I throw in 1/4 cup of white vinegar into the wash. For a detergent I always use powdered Tide. Wash them with the hot water cycle and you’re good to go!

Even when your child is out of diapers this comes in handy, especially with runny noses during cold/flu season. It’s helped my children to not get irritated noses and having that little bit of lavender oil helps to kill the germs around their noses and lips so that they don’t get that irritation on top of being sick. I found myself using them too when I was sick. Having a warm cloth with lavender sure does beat anything else on the market.

Now after a messy ice cream cone, or after a painting project, or playing outside in the mud, my kids just go straight to the wipe warmer to clean themselves off which makes life so much easier for us because we don’t have to go around cleaning off their hand prints off of everything.

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