My Favorite Make Up

I love wearing makeup where it looks like I’m not wearing any….but I really am. It’s all about accentuating your best attributes, contouring, and camouflaging what you don’t want to be seen.

Facial Prep

Check out my post on glowing skin to get you started. Clean glowing skin looks better under your makeup and it’s not as expensive or as hard as you think.

Wash and tone your face every morning. I used to skip this step and just tone it, but trust me, just 60 seconds makes a world of a difference!

Moisturize your face. I use my home made knock off Obagi Vitamin C hydroquinone serum and let it penetrate while I braid my hair and get dressed. Next, I put on this generic sunscreen my dermatologist turned me onto. It’s under $5 and a little goes a long way! Don’t just put this on for protection though-because this adds a glow to your skin that is noticeable. I always stock up at Walmart whenever I go.

Protect your face and add a gorgeous glow for under $5? Yes please!!!!!!!

My favorite foundation

I’ve been using this foundation for over 10 years. I love how it doesn’t clog my pores and adds a lovely glow to my skin, plus it has SPF and antioxidants. One drop goes a very long way so one tube lasts me at least 6 months. To find your perfect shade you can always try it out at a local makeup store like Sephora and then compare their pricing to Amazon’s. For me Amazon has been cheaper. Here is the link:

The best concealer ever!

When it comes to concealers, nothing comes close to Derma Color. I use this under my eyes and sometimes at the top of my jawline to contour my face. It lasts through hours of swimming and doesn’t move when I’m intensely working out. You can purchase a refill color for just under $6 or purchase the larger containers for about $20. The larger container has lasted me 4 years with daily use. Here is the link:

I use an egg shaped sponge and run it under the water and squeeze out the excess. I then dip it into my concealer and dab it onto my eyelid, under eye area, and up to my temples. This not only conceals and brightens under the eyes but when you sweep up to the temples of your forehead you create an illusion of bigger eyes and make your cheekbones pop. You can always layer on more for more coverage. If you want more chiseled cheekbones then also dab this at the top of your jawline. Here is the link for the sponges that I use:

Best Highlighter,bronzer, and lip gloss

This is my favorite palette ever!

Huda has the best options-hands down! Her 3-D cream and powder palette is everything! It’s usually $45 but as of this post is only $18!!!!! Here is the link:

I use the cream on my face before I put on my foundation to give my skin a golden goddess glow. You can also use it on top of your foundation to highlight your cheekbones. I also sometimes mix it with my body butter in my hands to rub all over my skin to make it pop for special events.

The powders in this kit are gorgeous. The bronzer, blush, and powdered highlighter will make your skin pop. You will of course need the right brushes to use it properly.

My favorite lip gloss ever!

You gotta try her lip gloss. I love how it is thick, stays on, and enhances any lip color with the strobe light effects. She also sells kits with the lip liner, lip color, and lip gloss…for only $10 as of this post. Get it while you can!!!!

My favorite lip cream and Setting Spray

You NEED this I promise!!!!!

Anastasia sells beautiful natural shades of lip cream that stays on your lips for a long time. I really like using her lip creams as well as her Dewey Set Makeup spray that keeps your makeup on and adds a little glow. This spray is also perfect to refresh your makeup between day and evening wear or whenever you need it. Just spray and watch the makeup you’ve had on for 10 hours become instantly dewey and flawless again! I purchase mine from Sephora. Here is the link:

Best Mascara

This has become my current mascara for the past two years.

I’ve had amazing results with two brands. First is Better Than Sex Mascara. I used this for a few years and loved it. Don’t buy the waterproof version though. You will end up with Tammy Faye eyelashes no matter what, and it’s hard to remove that mess.

The second, and my current staple is Super Fans by Smashbox. Both mascaras can be purchased at Sephora. I recommend trying them out first at the store. It also is not waterproof but it works well and when I find the perfect waterproof mascara I will let you know!! As a mermaid, I haven’t found one yet that I can recommend.

To make your lashes look the best they can be, check out my longer lashes post where you can grow your lashes super long with an FDA approved method for about $45-60 a YEAR. It really works!!!! And there’s no commission on my end in case you’re wondering.

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