The Ultimate Harry Potter Party

I will be updating this post as I go so come back for updates.

Wand Making

First I used my Dremmel to sand down the edges into a finer tip.

Second I covered the handles of the wand in hot glue.

I discovered having a fan blowing on the glue helps immensely in making swirls around the wands and also in it drying quicker.

I covered the wand in acrylic paint

Some of the wands in progress. I found using this Dollar Tree pencil holder as a dryer helped immensely! I started with the handles then later painted the ends of the wands. I highly recommend layering colors as I did with acrylic paint.

As of this post I’m not in a Hogwarts house yet, but the moment I decided that I am keeping this wand for myself, I found myself wearing black and green….

My wands after spraying on Mod Podge setting spray.

The Sorting Hat

I followed this tutorial but of course did my own thing with it. Here is the link:

We first made the brim from cardboard then created the cone of the hat from paper bags. We used regular tape to adhere the cone to the inside of brim of the hat.

I bought this suede jacket from Goodwill to use for the hat

I cut up the jacket and placed it around the hat and even marked the face with tape

I used hot glue on the inside of the fabric to create a face. This part took some time. Once I had the face down I then started to hot glue the fabric around the brim of the hat.

I used every scrap of this jacket to make our hat. I think he looks pretty legit!

For the party I’m going to have the Sorting Hat’s voice recorded on my phone from the movie. I will have my Bluetooth speaker placed under the chair where the children will sit. When it’s time I just hit play from my phone so he can tell them which house they belong to. I will update this with a video.

Floating Candles

(Warner Brothers copyright)

I want floating candles to set the scene for our Hat Sorting Ceremony like this from the movie

You can buy candle-like electric tea lights like these from Amazon.

Hot glue dental floss to the bottom of the tea light.

Then cut regular white paper and tape it in a circle around the tea light. I’d measure it out and stack the papers to cut as many out at once to make this more efficient.


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