If You’re Going to Vegas…

If you’re interested in purchasing true Cannabis products be aware of these scams.

Avoid this fake dispensary and more on Fremont Street. Take a short ride to NuWu for real products at a fraction of the cost of these fakes!

First I want to give a heads up about a scam on Fremont street. As of this post, cannabis is recreational in Las Vegas. So when my friends saw a “dispensary” on Fremont Street with all sorts of cannabis for sale, they thought it was real and made several purchases. But the vapes, and the actual flower didn’t do anything good. They all ended up getting sick!!!!!

Upset because this was ruining our first time meeting with friends without our kids in almost 7 years, I went inside the store and spoke with the employee.

Turns out, it’s all fake. They make you think it’s real and did flat out lie to my friend who asked for a specific strand he has a medical prescription for with a certain THC amount…. and sold him fakes. Then he got sick and so did a few others who tried it in our party.

Turns out it is banned to sell any THC on Fremont street. So fake dispensaries like Vibe are selling fake cannabis with THC to all the tourists.

So what are they really selling? The blond woman told me it’s just CBD. Considering she bold faces lies to people daily, I can’t trust that statement either.

Everyone who tried their product had bad after effects. They are selling synthetic oils filled with goodness knows what in them. Please don’t put their unknown toxic chemicals in your body.

This is your fair warning. Spread the word too.

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