Who Wants Big Boobs?

I felt like Jessica Rabbit on a date with my hubby in these.

Have you ever wanted bigger boobs? I think many of us who have smaller breasts have.

What if I were to tell you that you could have realistic bigger boobs in less than 5 minutes with no push up bras, duct tape, silicone inserts, etc?

Now to be clear, I like my body how it is. After all the medically necessary surgeries I’ve had, going through another one for non medical reasons just isn’t in the books for me—at this point anyways.

As a cosplayer many of my characters have huge boobs sized DD and above. I used to stuff my bras silly and even have used duct tape on my own breasts to get them to emulate larger ones.

But that’s a lot of work and not to mention-a bit uncomfortable and can be downright painful. So there’s gotta be a better way, right?

There is!!!! Let me introduce you to the world of breast plates.

I first saw them on drag queens and I thought they were real breasts! Turns out these are little suits of silicone that go from the top of your neck to just below your breasts, with openings around your arms.

I’ve tried so many brands until landing on these-which were remarkably on the lower end of pricing at around $90.

There are three colors and you can get them filled with silicone or cotton. I’ve tried both but the silicone was too heavy and droopy for my liking, so I prefer the cotton ones.

I currently wear the tan one which has a lot of red in it, but in the right lighting it looks perfect on me with my summer tan. I also bought the lightest one and can airbrush it to match my skin tone perfectly. I will show you how to do all of that since I could not find a tutorial online.

First, here is the link for the boobs:


To put them on correctly you need baby powder. Powder the top of your body around your neck, upper back, breasts, and shoulders-except the parts that stick out. If you get powder on those don’t worry! You can just wipe it off later. You also need to dust the inside of your breast plate with baby powder.

Now I wear wigs all the time so having a wig cap on makes it go on much easier. Make sure you have no jewelry on and don’t wear anything other than underwear too bc the powder gets all over the place.

Have patience putting them on-and for me it takes just a few minutes every time to put it on but be patient bc these things can rip if you pull too hard.

The downside to these breasts is that they do get hot and I’m always sweating after wearing them a few hours BUT it doesn’t bother me at all.

Once you’re done wearing these, take it off carefully, then douse it with rubbing alcohol and wipe it down to get rid of all the sweat. If you don’t do this then your sweat will eat away at the silicone, which makes it rip and tear.

These are perfect for cosplayers, or for a fun photo shoot, date night, breast cancer survivors, etc.

Stay tuned for my next post on how to paint them to match your skin tone perfectly.

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