My Favorite Fall Fashions

I’m definitely a summer person, but I look forward to the fall because that’s when I can wear more clothing without getting too hot. This is the time of year for bold colors and extra accessories such as gloves, light jackets and cardigans. Here are my favorites for you to enjoy!

Fall is a Perfect Season to Wear Yellow

I wore this as my Disney Bound Belle dress to the Magic Kingdom!
I paired this dress with my boots, leggings, gloves, and a hat for a stroll with my son in colder weather.
This dress is perfect for a warm fall stroll a the zoo in sandals.

This dress is highly versatile. I love how it is off shoulder then the skirt goes from above my knees to a longer length in the back. I dressed it as Belle with a rose pin in the middle and wore leggings and sneakers with it for the sake of my feet during a theme park day, but you can see from the other photos that it looks incredible with other shoes/accessories. The color is a striking yellow and it would be perfect for a fall day that isn’t too cold. As of now it’s only $37. Here is the amazon link:

Feeling Pretty in Pink for Fall

I feel so comfortable and beautiful in this simple piece.

It’s no secret that I love wearing what I call “Barbie Pink”. It’s bold and looks beautiful on everyone in my opinion. I love this top because it’s like wearing a dress, but it has long sleeves to keep you warm, and a flattering cut where it is short in the front/longer in that back, that brings out everyone’s unique body curves. If pink is not for you, then there are an array of different colors such as sapphire blue, black, yellow, red, white, etc. I like to pair it with leggings and boots during the fall, but it would be super cute with heels too! It costs $39. Here is the link:

Faux Booty Lifting Leather Pants

These pants look incredible on. They feel like wearing leggings for me, without compression. They can be worn with anything! I recommend wearing a thong or going commando underneath for the sake of panty lines. The way these pants are cut truly do accentuate your assets. I get compliments on them all the time and have owned them for 2 years without any issues. At just under $20, I’d have to say that’s quite the bargain! Here is the link:

Sexy Thigh High Boots

These boots are under $50 and are gorgeous and pretty darn comfortable!
These boots are so versatile!

I love thigh high boots but usually they bag out on me or cost hundreds of dollars….so when I saw these for $48 with thousands of awesome reviews I had to try them! I am so impressed with these! These are the stiletto heel version but they come with thicker heels or shorter heels. They also come in a variety of colors including caramel and red! Check them out. Here is the link:

Long Black Gloves

They keep me warm and look so elegant

I get compliments on these gloves all the time. The truth is that I get cold a lot and wearing these helps me stay warm so I can keep wearing my cute outfits without always having to cover up with coats and jackets. They are comfortable and they work with my smart phone screen too. Here is the link:

Long Sleeve Sequin Dress

This sequin dress cost around $35 and it’s lasted as of this post FIVE years. I like to wear it out in the fall/winter. I walked around The Bellagio in this dress and felt like a gorgeous celebrity bc I was getting so many compliments left and right. The only con with this dress is that the sleeves can feel itchy bc of the sequins. Here is the link:

Versatile Jumpsuit

This is so comfortable and effortless!

This jumpsuit is so cute! It can be worn off shoulder with a belt and heels/boots to dress it up, or sans belt with sneakers. I really like the brown for fall but it comes in other colors too! Here is the link:

If you like this belt, it’s under $10 and I use it with many of my pieces. The back is elastic and it is very comfortable. Here is the link:

My favorite Cropped Long Sleeve Zip Up Top

This top feels so soft and smooth!

This top is so comfortable and durable! I like to wear it in the colder seasons to workout in. It keeps me warm yet doesn’t stifle me. It wicks away moisture as well. You could pair it with a workout bra or a long cami underneath. I’ve even paired it with a cami and jeans for a fun look to go out in. As of now it’s $20 and also comes in blue, black, and red. Here is the link:

My warm and fuzzy headband

This helps me stay warm and looks awesome!

I wear this headband all the time. It goes with everything!!! Hot tubbing in the winter? Yes! My Mrs Clause dress? Perfect! And it goes with just about anything else. Here is the link:

It also comes in pink, black, brown, grey, etc. it’s $13 so you can order many of them.

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