My Favorite Leggings

Want leggings that are comfortable with just the right amount of compression, won’t squish your belly and give you a muffin top, AND lift your booty? How about a price tag of $28? And what if I were to tell you that these are the most comfortable leggings I have ever worn in my whole life!

You’d probably think I was making this up. Well these leggings do exist. Here they are:

Here is the link:

I’m going to keep it real here. Before my hysterectomy I had a hard time finding leggings that didn’t squeeze and suffocate my lady parts, making my interstitial cystitis flare. As soon as I got home I would have to switch out my gym leggings for a skirt or lose sweat pants. Once I bought three pairs of these leggings, I wore them 3-4 days a week ALL day and was very comfortable doing so.

Currently, I wear them almost every single day. I wear them to the gym and to do work around the house. I’ve owned these now for two years and they are still looking and feeling perfect! Considering all the booty workouts with weights and bands I’ve done in these-that speaks volumes for the quality of these leggings.

The left are the correct brand. On the right are the cheaper ones that don’t fit correctly, the color is off, it’s more transparent, and the fabric itches.

I get compliments on them all the time. I feel beautiful and comfortable in them. I hope you enjoy them too. 💖

Want booty lifting leggings with pockets and prints?

I just got these leggings last winter and they are super comfortable and sexy. I love the snake print to spice things up and they also have side pockets which make them extra useful. The material on these are thicker than the others and more spandex-like with a soft stretch. I get these in medium just like I get my others in medium to give that extra material to make sure they never look opaque when I do my squats at the gym. As of this post they are just under $20!!! Here is the link:

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