Need More Energy?

I used to be the life of the party. Now when my friends want to hang out Iā€™m like, can I just rest my head for a moment? šŸ˜‚

Ok, I have never been more tired in my life since becoming a mom. This is especially hard for me because I am on the autism spectrum. There was a time when I gained alot of weight and just ate everything that I could. I was tired alot and lacking motivation and enthusiasm for life. Depression really started to set in. I knew that I had to make some changes. I researched and tested out different products to help my energy levels. I also researched exercises to help me reach my post baby goals. First, let me share with you the products that have worked well for me. Every single one of these products has boosted my energy, my mental focus, and has suppressed my appetite, helping me to reach and maintain my goals.

I want to reiterate that everything that I recommend on here has been discovered and tested by me and only me. I was never asked to promote these items by their sellers. I have been using these products for at least 2 years before recommending them to you and your families.

Diatomaceous Earth

This has a variety of purposes. The most popular purpose is to kill bugs around your house. It is made of fossilized plankton and it simply cuts through the outer skeleton of bugs. There are no dangerous chemicals in it, but there are many health benefits to gain from using it. Diatomaceous earth can be ingested for treating high cholesterol levels, constipation, and for improving the health of skin, nails, teeth, bones, and hair. 

I found out about ingesting this in a forum for people suffering from interstitial cystitis. I was very sick and desperate for any kind of relief from my pain. Once I started drinking this my pain did subside. I also started to notice some other differences. My nails were really growing and they hardly grew before. My hair was growing better as well. My latest labs showed that my cholesterol had been dramatically lowered too. But the best part? My energy levels went up. Why?

When I ingest this, it helps to reduce the buildup in my intestines so that anything I do eat or drink is absorbed better. I have experimented alot with this-taking it some days and not taking it and comparing my results. I have been ingesting this for over a year and only have good things to report.

Here is the exact same bag that I bought. It is about half full at this point. I not only ingest it but I have used it outside on my plants to deter bugs, as well as in my home. I think this is money well spent, considering it’s under $15. I suggest taking two tablespoons of it to water and drinking it very fast.

Energy Vitamin Drink

I used to drink a popular energy drink by an MLM company. I used to pay for a membership to get 20% off of that product and order alot of it at once to get the free shipping. Turns out that amazon has the exact same drink for less money!!! The only difference in this drink is that it has more Vitamin A than the more expensive MLM one. It’s called Morning Buzz and I can say after using it side by side with the MLM one that it is just as effective. I actually like the texture of this one more. Here is the link:

Branch Chain Amino Acids

I used to buy these capsules from an MLM company that had these BCAAs in it. Turns out there wasn’t that much in those capsules and even with my membership fees it was $30 per 30 day supply. I had no idea how important these amino acids were for our energy levels. I try not to overdo the caffeine and sugar as it can really mess my body up, plus there is always a crash afterwards. After researching each and every BCAA and looking for the right combination that didn’t have any synthetic dyes and flavors I have found the perfect supplement. This drink will keep your body going with energy that has no sugar or caffeine, plus it helps your body repair after all the work you have done. Whether you are exercising, doing work around the house, or caring for your kids, this will help you have the energy to get it done. Here is the link:


Many of us aren’t getting enough iron and no matter what, you need to have enough iron in you. I am sensitive to iron supplements and found the right one that doesn’t hurt my stomach. Plus there are extra vitamins and probiotics in it. Here is the link:

Methylated Folate

Have you taken your B vitamins and C vitamins for energy and didn’t feel a difference? Well, guess what? You may have MTHFR like me. Here’s the details.

Basically, we all need folate to create DNA and it’s needed for your cells to divide. Think of it this way: Folate is like the little cars on a train that take your B and C vitamins to where they need to go to help the body break down, use, and create new proteins. It is vital in creating red blood cells, so without it, you will not get enough oxygen and can develop megaloblastic anemia. So if you have been ingesting your B vitamins for energy and vitamin C for immune support without stellar results than this could be your issue. Don’t worry though, for pennies a day you can fix this! Here is the link:

On a more personal note, I found out that I have a genetic mutation called MTHFR. It is estimated that 30% of our population share this, so you could have it also. I found out after spending $800 on a blood test about 5 years ago, and it answered so many questions that I had about my body.

You see, if you have this mutation, folic acid won’t work for you. It actually is quite toxic. Sadly it is in much of our foods to help everyone get their folic acid intake because it is so important, but every time people with MTHFR ingest it, it doesn’t help us, and our body stores it immediately in our fat because we can’t process it.

There are rumors that this could be linked to different cancers, but because that isn’t yet fact, I can’t stand behind that until it has been statistically proven with peer reviewed scientific studies. If you are pregnant and have MTHFR you absolutely have to take methylated folate for the sake of you and your baby’s health. I remember when I was pregnant and I took regular folic acid in high doses like everyone else did, and I developed this awful rashes. My OB told me it was common in some women to have these rashes and I would bleed and scab up they were so wretched. It had a name, PUPPP, and I was in agony, trying everything I could find to abate those rashes. Turns out, my body was oozing out the folic acid because I was ingesting so much of it! And my precious baby girl was born so small that it was quite alarming-especially considering how much weight I had gained (about 60 pounds and she was just 5.5 pounds once we left the hospital with her).

If you don’t have MTHFR it won’t hurt you to try methylated folate. I highly suggest giving it a go, considering it’s only $12 for 100 daily doses. It has changed my life and none of my products would work for me if I didn’t take this also.

On a side note, my children also have MTHFR so I have found the perfect vitamins for them that have methylated folate, have no added sugar, and aren’t gummies, because that has become a top contributor to tooth decay in children recently. Here are the vitamins that I use for them:

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