My Favorite Swimsuits

I never met a leopard print I didn’t love….

This bikini gives full coverage, is soft, and slays. The top is a rounded triangle shape with no underwire and slight padding. Seriously, so many women ask me about where I got it when I wear it out, and they can’t believe it costs just under $10!!!

Here is the Amazon link:

I’m still Gaga over this one

This strappy bikini is Brazilian cut, with a soft triangle top that is slightly padded with no underwire. I love how the extra straps create these flattering shapes around my body. I wear this bikini a lot! I’ve even started using it when I cosplay as Cher.

I wear this when I perform “If I Could Turn Back Time”

I own this bikini also in pink and dark red in size medium. They’re around $30 on Amazon. Mine always last two years with very heavy use. If you’d like one, here is the link:

Tangerine Dream…

Bright orange has become the new “it” color. This shade of orange really makes my skin tone pop, and I like how it has extra long strings to wrap around my waist. You could create different designs with these long straps, which is nice to have that option. The backside is supposed to have full coverage but because of my shape, I wore it more like a thong. The gold metal embellishments make it look expensive I think, even though it’s under $10 on Amazon. Here is the link;

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