Who Wants Glowing Skin?

I’m 40 with two small kids, no fillers or Botox. If you’ve met the other women in my family you’d know my skin is not genetically gifted to me either. 😂 I work hard and sleep 6 hours a night. No spa or professional skin treatments either.

I get comments all the time from people-including estheticians, dermatologists, make up artists, photographers, models, etc., that my skin looks like “glass”, and they ask me all the time what my secret is.

Now I have another post on here that goes through all the details of my skincare routine and products, but for those that are in the TLDR crowd this post is for you!

My daily morning skincare routine

1. First thing in the morning, I use Cetaphil foaming wash with a pinch of baking soda. I apply it with my hands and rub it on, then use a wet microfiber cloth to rub it in more and rinse by splashing water on my face with my hands. Let the water stay on your face after rinsing. Here is the link for it on Amazon:


This is a great value!

2. While the water is on my face I brush my teeth so it can dry some, then I use my Niacinamide. Just a few drops will do! Here is the link:


I use this daily and at night. It’s a game changer!

3. You want your skin to dry a bit before the next step and this depends on your skin! I usually braid my hair at this time, which takes maybe 3-4 minutes, then move on to the next step. You want your skin to be slightly wet feeling but not totally dry. So this may take some trial and error on your part.

4. Apply Vaseline all over your face. If your skin is too wet the vaseline will “roll off”. If this happens just wait a bit more for it to dry and reapply. Vaseline is an occulent that will keep the water and Niacinamide from evaporating off your face. This will give your skin a radiant glow, fill in pores and creases, and over time will prevent/minimize wrinkles. Here is the link for the best price on Vaseline:


You get alot of bang for your buck!

5. I use this tinted sunscreen instead of foundation. Here is the link:


At just under $12 this is a steal!!!

My daily night skin care routine

1. I use Micellar water on cotton pads to remove all makeup. Here is the link for the cotton pads:


Here is the link for the Micellar water:


2. I wash my face just like I do in my morning routine.

3. I steam my face for a few minutes using distilled water and this amazing steamer. Here is the link:


4. I mix the Niacinamide with Retin-A (check out my other skincare post for ways to get it cheaply), and paint it on my wet warm face with a brush. I let it sit for about 5-10 minutes.

5. I put Vaseline over it.

And that’s it! See if this works for you. Everyone’s different and maybe some or all of this will help you glow like I do. 🥰

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