My Favorite Summer Fashions!

Look Expensive Without Breaking the Bank

I get asked alot about my clothing. The truth is, what I wear looks very flattering and expensive, but I only buy my clothing on clearance sales at department stores or on Amazon. My clothing lasts for years and years, so I have built up quite the fun wardrobe! Because I get asked so much about my fashions, I thought I could share some on here so you can add them to your wardrobe.

Favorite Pool/Beach Pieces

Here is one of my favorite summer pool/beach outfits. You can even swim in it! The first picture is how the outfit comes which I love! The next one, I am wearing a custom made silicone top by Mermaid Kariel.

I recently purchased this in black and it looks so amazing.

This dress really flows with the ocean breeze.

Here is the link for this ensemble that comes in many other colors!

Rock the Boat….

Another favorite pool/beach outfit is this one. Now, the top on this is a bit more sheer so I suggest adding pads inside the top. It reminds me of something the singer Aaliyah would wear, and also it reminds me of Princess Jasmine. It is so soft and gorgeous. Here is the link:

Scalemail Swimsuit Cover Up

This piece is a real head turner! The scales on it are plastic and reflect the sunlight with mesmerizing shades of pink, purple, and blue. Here is the link on Amazon:

I wear this robe all the time! It is beautiful and very well made. I like the bright pink color but it comes in other colors as well. Here is the link:

I wore these “snow boots” to the waterpark and got so many inquiries as to where I got them! Other women wanted them too! I have sensitivites to my feet being wet and I don’t like flip flops so that’s why I wear them around water parks. If you would like to get these for your water park days or to have over the winter here is the link:

For a Sexy Night Out

Here is one of my favorite sexy summer dresses that makes me feel like a goddess. I like to wear this out to parties and going out to the clubs. I got this in a size medium and if the slits are too high, just get out a needle and thread and sew it together until it reaches the part where you feel more comfortable. I end up altering some of my clothing this way because of my body type. You can also use safety pins and hide them well. I do this when I’m in a time crunch or just trying out new styles on my clothing before committing to needle and threading it. Here is the link:

I paired it with this belt that I use with alot of my outfits. It’s under ten dollars and is super cute! Here is the link:

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Going to an electronic music festival? Want to dance the night away in something fun, sparkly, sexy, and comfortable? I’ve got you covered! I even wear this as a swimsuit coverup and have swam in it! I think this is absolutely gorgeous and at $18, how could you go wrong? I will also include the metallic shorts I wear under it when I’m going out. Obviously when I’m swimming, I just wear my swimsuit underneath. My strappy black one I that I shared below looks stunning when paired with this. First here is the link:

And the link for the shorts:

Casual Summer Clothes

I like to wear a simple skirt and top sometimes. I like this skirt because it is highly versatile, it has attached shorts underneath, and is very comfortable. Also pictured with it is a beautiful lavender top that is off shoulder and you can wear it with the skirt or shorts or pants. It comes in many colors and is comfortable and gorgeous. Here is the link for the shorts/skirt:

Here is the link for the top:

Flowy Short Flower Dress

This dress is stunning in person. It is flowy and airy and just perfect for summer. I’m wearing it with leggings in this photo but can wear it without leggings. I also wear this without a bra and enjoy the deep plunge it gives at the top. You can though pair this with a skin toned bra and safety pin it or hand stitch the plunge to your desired length. Here is the link:

Casual Summer Dress That Can Be a SwimSuit Cover Up or for Day or Night Wear

I absolutely love this dress! The fabric is perfect for the summer. It goes well over my swimsuits or with traditional undergarments for day/night wear. I take it on all of our trips and get so many compliments on it! When I was breastfeeding it was perfect for my DDs. Now that I’m back to my B cup, I just safety pin it to keep it from revealing my bra, or if I go bra less, I don’t need to safety pin it to go for a more retro J-Lo look. I’ve had this dress now for three years and it is still going strong! Here is the link:

Want a more formal summer dress?

It’s no secret that I am obsessed with Ariel and loved this dress because it looks like the one she wears at the end of the movie when her dad grants her wish to become a human. This dress is absolutely comfortable! You don’t need a bra in it and it hugs every curve because the back has a built in corset that you can tie to make the dress cinch into your waistline. It is light and airy, which makes it a perfect choice for the summer heat, yet has enough weight so it hangs properly. I’ve worn this dress in the ocean even and it has stayed perfectly intact. It is around $80 so it is at an affordable price point. Here is the link:

Sexy Swimsuits

I absolutely love wearing these bikinis. I find this cut to be daring and sexy, but actually, the straps give you a little optical illusion that flatters your curves or even lack of them. It is very comfortable too so I wear this bikini a lot! Here is the link:

All About Those 90s Leopard Prints!

I used to love Lisa Frank when I was a kid and really love the late 80s and early 90s. When I saw this swimsuit the nostalgia hit, and quite frankly, this cut is amazing on your body. It makes your legs look longer with its high rise cut, and is very flattering for those of us with smaller breasts, and can support larger busts up to DD beautifully in my opinion. It is very cheeky but I like that. Here is the link:

Want a more modest bikini?

I get it. Sometimes we want to wear bikinis and have our rears covered-other times we can be forced to if we are using pools that have strict rules about how much of our bodies we can show. I own this bikini in three different colors, blue, orange, and coral red, and absolutely love it!

This bikini for me has a life of 2-3 years with substantial use at water parks, beaches, and going to our neighborhood pool. It has the perfect amount of padding to cover your nips, it gives solid support for your girls, and I like how it ties at the sides so you can customize it to your body’s shape. Since my shape is more of a pear, this has been a perfect solution to other bikinis squeezing my hips and giving me muffin tops. Here is the link:

Bikinis not your thing? I’ve got you covered!

I love the styles of the late 80s and early 90s. BayWatch was a huge hit when I was a kid and I remember how beautiful those ladies looked in their red one pieces. I bought this swimsuit to wear to a BayWatch themed party and even though I am a 32 B (so definitely not a Pamela Anderson type haha), it still looked very flattering on me with its high cut for my legs and modest cut for the chest area. The fabric is actually firm so it holds your body in very well, supporting your curves to look the best that they can! This would be flattering on every kind of body type. I wore it to my neighborhood’s pool party and got so many compliments on it. The red is a true red and I’ve owned this swimsuit now for three years and it’s still going strong! Here is the link:

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