The Best Nashville Stay-Cations are at the Opryland Hotel!

I absolutely love to frequent the Opryland Hotel with my family. It’s close, exquisitely beautiful, and has so many amenities to enjoy. Every season brings something new to the hotel and we look forward to it! Sound Waves At Opryland Hotel We really love the Sound Waves water park inside the hotel. It is open no matter the weather because the indoor section is huge with so much to do! In the winter time, the sun shines through the dome and with the fresh plants inside and the heated air, you’d think you were on vacation at a resort! The … Continue reading The Best Nashville Stay-Cations are at the Opryland Hotel!

Best Memberships for Nashville Moms

If you are new to the Nashville area with small children, you may be wondering, where are the best places to go, and how can you get the most bang for your buck? Since I live in Brentwood, I will be giving recommendations that cater more towards mothers that reside in the area just south of Nashville in Brentwood, Antioch, and the Franklin areas. As a Brentwood mom, and former President of the Brentwood MOMS club, here are my recommendations. I want to give full disclosure that I do not get paid to share my opinions as these are all … Continue reading Best Memberships for Nashville Moms

Let’s Talk About Sex

First, do you have a reproductive issue? If you’re like me and you’ve suffered with endometriosis and/or interstitial cystitis then you know the reality of having painful sex and having a hard time climaxing and having orgasms. Even if you don’t have these conditions, sex only gets worse after having babies-and this applies to every person who gives birth because your hormones will change alot, carrying a baby will strain/damage your pelvic floor, and whether you birth vaginally or through a C-section, your reproductive organs are forever changed. If you do suffer from any of these conditions, let me encourage … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Sex

How to have long lashes

You don’t have to spend a fortune to grow long lashes. I found the best way to grow them that will cost you less than $10 a month!!!! Latisse is FDA approved for growing lashes and it works! To make a lot of money the company gives you these terrible cheap brushes to use to get the drops on your lashes. These brushes have been a way to waste the product to get you to buy more and I’ve known women who had the discoloration occur because of these brushes. I’ve discovered that if you use a super tiny brush, … Continue reading How to have long lashes

So You Need a Hysterectomy?

I was told I needed a hysterectomy a few years ago. I had severe endometriosis and interstitial cystitis. I also had these fibroids that doctors claim are harmless, but not only did they hurt so badly, my beloved Aunt Priscilla was killed by one that turned into cancer. I will never forget her screams of agony. So I do take this all seriously. When I researched blogs about needing a hysterectomy I found fear based articles encouraging women not to do so. Calling this surgery a cash cow for doctors. Sharing all their after effects and horror stories. This did … Continue reading So You Need a Hysterectomy?

Fitness at Home with Huge Results

Transform your body at home while watching your kids! If a photo could share a thousand words, then here you go. I know what I am talking about. The left was me before I started using my supplements to help with energy and weight loss. After I started losing weight, I began doing classes at my local gym. They were helpful, but I was not getting as strong and toned as I would like. I also had to have a hysterectomy and knew from my research and from my physical therapist that I needed to build up my core and … Continue reading Fitness at Home with Huge Results

Mermaid Must Haves!

What makes me the expert on mermaid tails and apparel? As you can see, I have been swimming as a mermaid for a long time. Actually I started working as a professional mermaid before the big trend hit. There were a handful of mermaids at that time and we would share our successes and ideas with each other online. I will be writing a book about my experiences with the mermaid community then and about my adventures, so stay tuned for that! I have made relationships within the mermaid community and will only recommend tried and true tail makers and … Continue reading Mermaid Must Haves!

DIY Home Products

Essential Oils: Which brand do you use? I’ve personally tried the popular MLM brands before I knew anything about Essential Oils. I started with Doterra, then I tried Young Living. Both were lovely, but to make home made products with them would break the bank! I started to do some digging and tried several, finally settling on Edens Garden. Instead of spending around $30 to $50 for a bottle of oil, I can get the same exact kind, as I have personally compared these MLM brands against Edens Garden and other brands on my own, and spend only $10 to … Continue reading DIY Home Products