My Favorite Summer Fashions!

Look Expensive Without Breaking the Bank I get asked alot about my clothing. The truth is, what I wear looks very flattering and expensive, but I only buy my clothing on clearance sales at department stores or on Amazon. My clothing lasts for years and years, so I have built up quite the fun wardrobe! Because I get asked so much about my fashions, I thought I could share some on here so you can add them to your wardrobe. Favorite Pool/Beach Pieces Here is one of my favorite summer pool/beach outfits. You can even swim in it! The first … Continue reading My Favorite Summer Fashions!

The Best Nashville Stay-Cations are at the Opryland Hotel!

I absolutely love to frequent the Opryland Hotel with my family. It’s close, exquisitely beautiful, and has so many amenities to enjoy. Every season brings something new to the hotel and we look forward to it! Sound Waves At Opryland Hotel We really love the Sound Waves water park inside the hotel. It is open no matter the weather because the indoor section is huge with so much to do! In the winter time, the sun shines through the dome and with the fresh plants inside and the heated air, you’d think you were on vacation at a resort! The … Continue reading The Best Nashville Stay-Cations are at the Opryland Hotel!

Affordable SkinCare for Glowing Skin

Want amazing at home results without forking out thousands of dollars at your local spa? I used to get facials regularly at a spa and bought their expensive serums and lotions. I even used to get fillers injected. But all of that came at a huge cost. When our family had to close our business and needed to save even more money because of Covid, I knew that I had to stop using those services. Here are my favorite things that really work! First I’m listing the serums and products I use with them, then I will share my microneedling … Continue reading Affordable SkinCare for Glowing Skin

Fitness at Home with Huge Results

Transform your body at home while watching your kids! If a photo could share a thousand words, then here you go. I know what I am talking about. The left was me before I started using my supplements to help with energy and weight loss. After I started losing weight, I began doing classes at my local gym. They were helpful, but I was not getting as strong and toned as I would like. I also had to have a hysterectomy and knew from my research and from my physical therapist that I needed to build up my core and … Continue reading Fitness at Home with Huge Results

“How to Catch an Easter Bunny”

My daughter, Esther Grace, sees the world in such an angelic childlike way and tells some of the cutest stories I’ve ever heard! She had been working on this Easter Bunny story and when I first sat down to read it, I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did. So then my mother came over to visit one day and saw Esther Grace’s book. She remarked to me later that the book was hilarious and clever and that she truly enjoyed reading it. Esther Grace has been taking her stories to school and has made them available … Continue reading “How to Catch an Easter Bunny”

Who Wants Glowing Skin?

I get comments all the time from people-including estheticians, dermatologists, make up artists, photographers, models, etc., that my skin looks like “glass”, and they ask me all the time what my secret is. Now I have another post on here that goes through all the details of my skincare routine and products, but for those that are in the TLDR crowd this post is for you! My daily morning skincare routine 1. First thing in the morning, I use Cetaphil foaming wash with a pinch of baking soda. I apply it with my hands and rub it on, then use … Continue reading Who Wants Glowing Skin?

My Favorite Christmas & Holiday Dresses

A Fun and Flirty Mrs Clause This Santa dress is super cute and fun! I added a red petticoat under my skirt to give it more fluff and used my own belt instead of the shiny pleather one that came with it. This was just my style preference and is not necessary. At under $40 there’s a lot you could do with this. Here is the link: These boots I’m wearing are EVERYTHING!!!! They go with every outfit, look sexy, are very well made, and comfortable!!! I wore these after tearing my miniscus at Dragon Con for my cosplays … Continue reading My Favorite Christmas & Holiday Dresses

My Favorite Sexy Dresses

I love to get dressed up and go out. I especially like to buy dresses that I can create different looks with my various accessories. Here they are…. I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas…. I paired this dress with sexy white lacy tights to watch my friend perform at a burlesque show. I also wore them with my pink Versace heels and gloves for a romantic dinner with my husband. This dress is highly versatile and so flattering!!!! The top can be cross crossed or a halter-which is how I’m wearing it. I am wearing a nude bra underneath and … Continue reading My Favorite Sexy Dresses

My Favorite Swimsuits

I never met a leopard print I didn’t love…. This bikini gives full coverage, is soft, and slays. The top is a rounded triangle shape with no underwire and slight padding. Seriously, so many women ask me about where I got it when I wear it out, and they can’t believe it costs just under $10!!! Here is the Amazon link: I’m still Gaga over this one This strappy bikini is Brazilian cut, with a soft triangle top that is slightly padded with no underwire. I love how the extra straps create these flattering shapes around my body. I … Continue reading My Favorite Swimsuits