My Favorite Halloween Costumes

If you’re into cosplay and Disney Princesses, here are a few of my tried and trusted Amazon favorites to have for yourselves. If you’re not into being a princess, skim down towards the bottom for my Morticia Adams and Maleficent costumes.


This Ariel dress is so much fun to dress up in! I recommend getting your size according to the charts. It laces up in the back so it can form to your body type. You should also purchase a hoop skirt to go inside of it otherwise, it will just hang down and feel too long. At $46 this is an excellent price point and mine as lasted 3 years with no issues. It comes with everything even the bow for your hair. Here is the link:

This petticoat will give your Ariel skirt the fullness it needs.

You will need a hoop skirt that isn’t too big to push this skirt out in all directions. Here is the perfect one.

The Best Ariel Wig

For the perfect Ariel hair here is my favorite lace front Ariel wig. You can easily tease the front part of it to make her big bangs and pin it to the side of your head. It’s so easy I promise! Here is the link:

Want another Ariel look?

I wore this to the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga and it was comfortable and beautiful.

This skirt is stunning. I even wear it with my Ariel swimsuit top that I usually wear with my tail. But that top was custom-made and cost a few hundred dollars, so this shirt is a more modest and versatile way to dress as Ariel. One could also create their own Ariel top using a swimsuit and seashells and paint. Here is the link to the skirt:

Here is a link to the top which I use all the time with other pieces:

Here’s my third Ariel option

This is the dress from the end of the movie where Ariel’s dad turns her into a human.

This dress is stunning and has multiple uses. I wear it as Ariel mostly but you can use it again as a stunning evening gown. It ties up in the back so it perfectly molds to your body. As of this post it is $80 and will arrive in time for Halloween but it will take a few weeks. Here is the link:


I like dressing up as Belle if I’m not Ariel. This dress is no longer available however I found the same dress-but it comes with the hoop skirt, gloves, and the other accessories making it a better priced option than purchasing what I got and adding everything else to it. It’s priced at $68. Here is the link:

To give this dress a more realistic Belle look, you could add these red roses around it! They have clips and pins so you can attach them easily. Here is the link:

The added rose clips and the new petticoat (scroll down for that link) really make this dress pop!

The Perfect Petticoat

You need a petticoat under any princess dress to make it full and to keep it off of your feet so you don’t trip on it. This is the best one I have tried. Here is the link:

The Most Gorgeous Belle Gown

I will say, if you have more money to spend then here is my Belle dream dress. It’s priced at $139 and even comes with a shawl if you would like to wear it. You will still need the petticoat to go under it like the one I shared above. Here is a photo of it:

If you’d like to purchase this amazing dress here is the link:

Belle’s Hair

For that perfect Belle hair, I suggest this wig from Amazon. You can style it yourself. I will post a tutorial on that. Here is the link for the wig, and read on further for the link to the bun maker:

If you already have brown hair that is at least medium in length, you could add hair extensions instead and put your real hair on top in a bun with one of these bun creator sponges. Here is the link to the hair extensions that I love. They are only $13 and look better than even real hair extensions I used to buy. They also have lasted me going on 4 years now:

You will need a bun maker to make that perfect bun at the top. Here is the link:


You can buy everything pictured from Amazon
except the wings. I made those.

This dress is highly versatile for this character or just a night out! Here is the link:

I wore just the dress with the feathers for a date night and it looked stunning!

To add the feathers around the neck for Maleficent I ordered this piece as well.

The feathers are highly versatile! I love using them in other ensembles.

Here are the exact Maleficent horns I ordered and they are well made. There is a long wait time on them as of this post so I would order them ASAP if you want them for Halloween.

Maleficent Hair

My husband and I at a party. He was Gaston bc I love that show Totally TV where they work as villains together to trick the princesses.

I liked her having hair like in parts of the movie so I wore my brown wig underneath. You could also tuck your hair under the horned cap to look more like her in other parts of the movie and in the cartoon. I recommend the Belle wig (which is what I used). Yes you could go cheaper and get a non lace front wig for this to use under the horns but I like to invest in pieces that I can use with multiple items and I know the wig I shared won’t become a tangled mess.

Morticia Adams

This is a fun costume for the whole family to be included! We were the Adams Family.

As of this post, the exact dress I purchased for this look is only available in red but it’s only $35 and is stunning if you’d like this style for another occasion. Just in case you’re interested, here is the link:

The best Morticia dress I could find on Amazon from the same trusted vendor I’ve used several times.

Until they come out with another version, here is a similar dress with sequins and some light feathers that could definitely work for Morticia by the same vendor. Here is the link:

Morticia Adams Hair

This wig is stunning and has multiple uses!

Morticia has long straight black hair. Please don’t use a cheap wig for this from the costume store. Spend a few dollars more and get a lace front wig for $43. You could use it for other things as well. Here is the link:

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